Bible study shouldn’t be hard.

It’s one thing to open the Bible, it’s another thing to study it and put what it says into practice.

Right now, studying the Bible requires us to open the Bible, take notes, find a study group, be willing to share in said study group, pick a plan that looks or sounds good, and hope you didn’t pick another cookie-cutter Bible plan.

All while trying to remember what you read, the notes you took, and making sense of it all on a deeper level. Oh, and on top of all that... living your life. Being a person, having friendships, doing your work, and activities that aren't Bible study.

Living out the Bible isn’t easy.
Bible study should be easier.

Here's how it could be...

Imagine a tool that would consistently show up and try to teach us about the Bible. Imagine a tool that would take into account our interests, curiosities, struggles, and past knowledge. Imagine a tool for our journey of learning that actually helped us know and remember the Bible with others.

Well, I’ve been imagining and I’ve been designing an app that is easier for us to study and remember the Bible.

Activity bar tracking XP from completed lessons, lives, and streak count.Choose from a theme/unit, see progress, and how many others are with you.Multiple lessons within a unit/theme and being able to see where you've been.Various interactive exercises to help you know and remember the content.

Introducing Harvous. It’s coming soon if you’re willing to wait.

Again, eager to meet! Thanks for your time.
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I'll send you updates about the progress with opportunities to help shape Harvous. Until then, if social media is your thing we do fun trivia on Threads and share fun facts on X.

Derek J, Founder of Harvous

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If you'd like to know the backstory behind Harvous, read it here.

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